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35. Jackie   (30.12.2019 00:12) E-mail
Hi where do you ship from, what is your currency?

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34. Mariam Faraj [mariamfaraj09]   (14.12.2019 06:31)
Hello, don’t these bags get stopped at customs?
Answer: No

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33. Tasha   (08.11.2019 16:05) E-mail
Are these reviews real? Has anyone had their money stolen from these people? Can't really trust the bloggers they're in it for the free stuff. I see people ask simple questions that can be answered here, why not answer them instead of telling them to email you. Has anyone email been hacked by these people.???
Answer: This page is for reviews. For all other questions, write to us E-mail:

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32. Willie Reese   (31.10.2019 17:08) E-mail
Hi Yvette I have browse your website and I'm interested in doing some business I am getting ready to start a luxury design website as you see above I have websitesI need to know if you have a turnkey website one that's for your customers with their name on it and if you do not I am looking for a a wholesale supplier one I can depend on I would love to speak to you at your earliest convenience best regards Willie Reese phone number 708-574-6017
Answer: please email us. E-mail:

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31. Jenny   (24.10.2019 22:02) E-mail
Thank you very much for the quality Chanel bag. I adore her. I received it in its original packaging and I am very pleased

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30. Ella   (26.09.2019 04:55) E-mail
Beautiful products and A1 quality. I ordered the Chanel Boy Bag and am very impressed. This is my new favorite online store <3 xoxox biggrin

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29. Kiana Dean [kianadean5]   (23.09.2019 22:43)
I just ordered a pair of size 41 woman LV shoes, is there any way I can change the size?
Answer: Yes, please email us. E-mail:

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28. Indian dude   (17.09.2019 09:48) E-mail
Are the designs on the clothes stickers or are they stitched onto the clothes like the originals. I mean will the designs come off after I wash them once ?
Answer: Yes of course. This is an original quality product and you can wash it as much as you want.

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27. Elexis Mayfield   (09.09.2019 03:45) E-mail
Is there a way to Guarantee that i will have an order in less than 14 days. Say like 10
Days? Is there extra shipping i can pay ?
Answer: Hi friend. Yes, you are guaranteed to receive the goods within 14 days.

Free shipping.

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26. Gina Torres [gingergt0305]   (05.09.2019 03:17)
do the bags come with a box and a store bag  from
Answer: All products come in the original packaging, with a card, with receipts, a dust bag and an original box. Also in the products there is a branded package.

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25. Jannelyz   (04.09.2019 05:56) E-mail
Y’all are serious people? I want few things. You
Answer: You can 100% trust us because:
We have been working in this field for more than 3 years
We have a lot of reviews, some of which are provided on this page: (scroll down to watch the video)
We work together with popular bloggers and they trust us, our video has more than 80,000 views:
We have many other videos with over 20,000 views:
We have been working with DHL for 5 years! All our items usually ship in 5-10 days. The order is sent the next day.
We hope for your trust.
If you have any problems with payment please email us. E-mail:

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24. Sofia Channa   (23.08.2019 02:35) E-mail
Hello precious people.
Please I need to know if this thekartell handbags are as amazing looking real deal as everyone says.
Please I need your help, I have been scam many times trying to buy high quality design look alike with many websites telling their products are so amazing almost real difficult to differentiate from the real one.
Please help.
Looking for CHANEL, LV ,C DIOR Just to name a few.
Thank you so very much in advance for all your help and kindness on this regard.

Answer: Hi friend. We only sell the highest quality.

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23. Kymia Springer   (14.08.2019 06:29) E-mail
Are these louis Vuitton bags genuine leather?
Answer: Yes.

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22. norma garcia   (07.07.2019 05:38) E-mail
how do we pay????
Answer: We accept payment: Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Western Union, MoneyGram.

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21. Alyssa   (27.06.2019 10:46) E-mail
Hello, I would like to make a purchase, but I was wondering how long the shipping takes.
Answer: Worldwide Free Shipping via DHL. Delivery is made within 5-14 days or less.

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